National Pet Memorial Day Sunday September 14, 2014

  • Four months in the orchestration of a remembrance ceremony to honor #National Pet Memorial Day 2014 and the day is almost here. Hopeful that all will fall into place, run smoothly and be well received. I want this remembrance day to be healing for all pet owners who struggle with the loss of a member of their furry family. Amazed at everyone who has helped me in this process. From the moment this idea was conceived all the folks involved have offered moral support and encouraging enthusiasm and ideas.

  • I believe it will be a meaningful way to honor our pets and help to heal our hearts. Musicians from the band “Hummingbird”, along with singing bowl accompaniment, will provide background music. Pet therapy dogs will be present for a hug, a caress, and maybe a kiss. A memorial wall will be set up for everyone to post their pet’s photos. We’ll have doodle tables with drawing paper and writing implements for folks to design, create and express their heartfelt messages to their pets. There will be selected reading about what a pet brings to our lives. Andrea Seader, a certified “Pet Bereavement Counselor”, will be offering her insight on the Stages of Grief and productive ways to move forward after a loss. There will be a short reflective healing meditation at the water’s edge. We will end with a brief candle lighting ceremony.
  • For all who can attend I look forward to seeing you and hugging you. Tears may flow, that’s okay. Hugs are free.


Dr. Dale Krier

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  • Diane Reeves

    Dr. Dale has been my vet for awhile, until I had to let go of my little man. I was recommended Dr. Dale from our present vet due to his motion sickness. Dr. Dale was such a rock for me and never interfered with the decisions I made in continuing to try everything possible to keep my little guy with me. She knew it was time way before I would admit. I continued trying until I finally realized that no matter how I tried, I would never succeed. He was suffering more each day. I called Dr. Dale in the middle of the night admitting “it was time for him to cross that bridge”. Through all of her visits with her husband Richard, I considered them friends, not just my vet. They comforted me through the whole process and assured me at that time that it was the right thing to do and that I was doing it out of the love I had for Badger (my cat). Although I couldn’t watch as she helped him cross, I was comforted just knowing she was with him. She placed him in his bed in a sleeping position and let me say goodbye. She handled everything for me and without her I couldn’t have done it. She handled the cremation and even brought him home to me with a special gift of his paw print. I just owe her so much for the strength she gave me in such a grieving time for me. So the point of this really, was to let you know that even though the pain is at its worst, you can make it through it, but you need someone like Dr. Dale to help you. It’s the worst thing you ever have to do with your little family member. I thank her so much and recommend that when that time comes, please call Dr. Dale. She knows exactly what you are feeling and will guide you (not tell you) on what you should do next. She is the best and I recommend her highly. She is a very special vet and a very special and caring person who truly understands. Although I cried through this whole note, I felt you should know what a great vet she is.

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