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End of Life Care

When a pet is diagnosed with a terminal disease or a debilitating life limiting condition you have choices to make. Dr. Dale will work with you to decide what your goal is for your pets final journey.

For families who need further information about managing end of life decisions for their pet, please give me a call or send a message through the website.

“I have coined the phrase Covenant of Compassion to indicate a deal that we should all make with our pets. It’s a promise that we will not let them suffer. It basically states that we will only do those things that will help them toward health and better function but nothing that prolongs a hopeless struggle. Entering into this covenant takes both courage and compassion because it means that when the fight can not be won and the pet is suffering, the owner will make the brave but difficult decision to let the pet go. Pet owners often hope that a very sick pet will simply pass in their sleep. But all to often the owner lingers in indecision while the pet suffers – sometimes to death.” –Dr. Jim Humphries

Providing Relief

Palliative Care

When a pet owner chooses palliative care, they are saying “no thank you” to aggressive options. They are choosing comfort care and symptom management. These pets are battling terminal disease, aging symptoms, chronic diseases that interfere with a normal day to day function, and pets who are poorly responsive or non-responsive to curative treatments. Dr. Dale will help you formulate a plan for symptom control, dietary management of disease, and pain management.

Saying Goodbye

Pet Euthanasia

End of life decisions are the hardest decisions we make as pet owners. It is equally one of the kindest gifts we can give to our pets, to end their lives painlessly, while being comforted by those who mean the most. Often times what stops pet owners from moving forward with these decisions is the thought of having to remove their pet from a place of comfort to a sterile animal hospital. At home euthanasia provides a quiet private way to give your family and pet the time and space to say goodbye with dignity.

Final Rest

Cremation Options

Truly Private Pet Cremation – When you choose private cremation, your treasured pet will be the only pet in the cremation chamber during the cremation process. Your pet’s cremated remains will be returned in your selected urn.

Semi-Private Pet Cremation – Your treasured pet will be placed in the cremation unit with other pets, separated by a partitioning system. This keeps the pets completely separate from one another, never touching.

Communal Pet Cremation – Your pet is gently placed into the crematory together with other pets. You will not receive your pets ashes back. They are lovingly spread off the coast of Maine.

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