The Final Ride – Pet Euthanasia


Pet owners voice the same concerns. The emotional turmoil they feel over the thought of having to transport their pet to the veterinary hospital for “the final car ride – the pet euthanasia visit”. Pet owners are frozen in their decision making over the timing of a euthanasia. The thought brings tears to their eyes and panic into their hearts. The decision of gauging when it is right to euthanize a pet is difficult enough, but the added stress of transporting them to a hospital or emergency clinic is more than many pet owners can handle. Cats hate being stuffed into a cat carrier. Many vocalize the entire car ride to the animal hospital and the yowling often escalates in the waiting room. Cats get sick in their carriers due to their heightened anxiety. Dogs too can have a panicked reaction. Many get sick on the car ride over and tremble, shake and pant in the waiting room. No pet parent wants this to be the last memory prior to their pet being euthanized.

With a home pet euthanasia experience, we can be attentive and sensitive to the needs of the entire family. When weather permits the euthanasia can be done in the backyard or a location of your choosing. Families can snuggle on the bed or ground with their pet after the tranquilizer is given loving them with kisses and hugs. Perhaps a forbidden snack of chocolate or chocolate chip cookies can be enjoyed. Home euthanasia gives pets and their people the ability to have a private, respectful and peaceful transition without the added angst of being out of ones personal space.

Home pet euthanasia is beneficial for the rest of the household pets. When a sick animal is brought out of the home and transported to an animal hospital the animals left behind are confused. Where is their friend? Is he/she coming home? Allowing pets to bear witness to the euthanasia process and providing an opportunity to sniff and snuggle during and afterwards helps them in their healing. Pet owners can know in their hearts they gave their best friend a gentle sendoff.

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    This is a beautiful post. Thank you for doing this work.

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    Very true words of knowledge and wisdom.

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