At Home Compassionate End of Life Care
Providing a Dignified Goodbye.
Pet Focused Professionalism

End of Life Concerns & Questions

How will I know when it’s time?

Is my pet suffering or in pain?

Is there more I should do?

Am I being selfish?

How can I prepare myself and my family?

What will happen to my pet’s body afterwards?

When a beloved pet is diagnosed with a chronic debilitating condition or a terminal disease, these are the questions that consume our thoughts as we try to make the appropriate decisions for our furry family members.

Our goal at Creature Comforts is to walk pet owners through the heart wrenching decision-making process of how to best care for their pets until the end. The conversation begins with the first phone call, text or email- a pet owner reaching out for guidance, a second opinion, or validation of a decision already made. Dr. Dale and her husband Richard lend an open ear, a perspective on quality of life, pain and suffering, and a clear view of the remaining available options.

When euthanasia is the chosen path we provide a peaceful, dignified, and private passing respectful of all requests of the family. Pet owners are demanding a more dignified approach to a pet’s final experience and many choose to take an active role in the process. We are honored to partner with you and hold your hand through this transition. Dr. Dale received her certification in pet hospice and palliative care in 2017 and has over 30 years of experience in the veterinary field.

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“Death is a moment, but dying is a process. We’re not shortening their life, we’re shortening their dying process. We can’t change the destination, but we can make the journey peaceful and even beautiful.”

What People Are Saying

  • A few weeks ago our Sophie was diagnosed with cancer. I was given Dr. Krier’s name from a friend at work and also by our Veterinarian. I called her last week and immediately felt such a warm connection with her. The one thing I absolutely did not want was to bring my Sophie to the Hospital to be put down. I wanted her to pass here in her own home with us holding her. Dr. Krier was so wonderful…she explained each step of what was going to happen, was so gentle and caring toward our Sophie. She arranged everything perfectly, kept in touch with us every step of the way. She also put me in touch with all the support I need to help get through the loss of our Sophie. She is truly an Angel for our Cherished Sophie and all the Other Fur Babies that will be in need of help to pass over to Rainbow Bridge. I can’t thank you enough Dale.

    Bill and JoAnne Felmer Mom and Dad for Sophie
  • When our little dachshund had to leave us, I called Creature Comforts Mobile Veterinarian. Bosco was a sweet, gentle guy but it was time. I didn’t want to take him out of his familiar home environment to a vet’s office which can be scary and stressful. Dr. Dale came in and gave me a hug and then proceeded to calm both Bosco and me. She was so caring and compassionate, and made a very tough event peaceful and loving. I recommend Dr. Krier for her end of life services which made my decision not only bearable but meaningful too.

    Kathleen C.
  • Dr. Dale is the best I have worked with. I cannot remember a time without animals. She treats not just the animal, but educates the owner in a non-judgmental way. She involves you in any decision making and tailors the treatment of any animal to its particular circumstances and not , “well, we always do this” Highly recommend!!!!

    Trish B.
  • Dr Krier has been caring for our furry friends for over 20 years, and I would recommend her to anyone for vet care! She is caring, knowledgeable, and really spends the time you need with her. You never ever feel like just another number or just another client/patient. She gets to know your pets as well, and my current dog loves to see her! What dog LOVES to see their vet? That’s my point!

    Daniel H.
  • We will forever be grateful to Dr. Dale Krier, she went above and beyond the call of duty on New Year’s Day for Jazzy, John and I. Jazzy our 16 year old rescue (golden mix) had a relapse of Old Dog Syndrome. She was in extreme distress — so were we. I called Dr. Dale at 7:00 a.m. left a message; She returned the call a few minutes later. Advising what we could do to keep our precious soul mate as comfortable as possible while Dr. Dale drove across the state to our home. Peaceful passing with dignity and grace in our arms at home was the gift Dr. Dale gave to us. She was wonderful, compassionate, professional . . . so kind. Dr. Dale not only cared for Jazzy she came to the aid of our entire family! Weeks later Dr. Dale continues to offer support and guidance again, going above and beyond. Dr. Dale Krier has helped us through our grief and despair giving so much of her time, expertise and understanding. This woman is truly amazing.

    Brenda Z.
  • I contacted Dr. Dale Krier on Friday, January 11th, at 6:50 pm.  Boby’s health, our 13-year-old German Boxer, had declined dramatically within a three-week period. The evening I called Dr. Krier it had become clear that our beloved little boy was beyond recovery. It was our primary concern not to distress our already very ill little boy. We wanted Boby to be with us, in his home, surrounded by the comfort, love, blankets, smells, and sounds that he was accustomed to.  We had spent the prior weeks showering Boby with love, sweet little talks, expressing our love and gratitude for all he taught us, giving him permission to leave whenever he was ready. I am forever grateful to Dr. Krier for rearranging her Friday evening after working a 12-hour day. Dr. Krier showed up at our house exactly 50 minutes later. She was warm, loving, and supportive not only from the moment she arrived at our house but from the moment she began texting. There was no judgement towards us for waiting too long to reach out for help and when she entered our home the first thing she did was give us a long warm hug and then turned her attention to Boby.  Upon Dr. Krier's assessment, Boby was definitely in the final stages.  She quickly administered a sedative and then administered the meds for euthanizing. The process of euthanizing was rather quick as we had waited to the critical end. I wish I had known about Dr. Krier’s Creature Comforts service and palliative care prior to Boby’s death. I am beyond grateful to Dr. Krier and would encourage anyone to reach out to Creature Comforts for care, information, and most important planning. Dr. Krier’s dedication, love, and compassion of animals brought her to our house in the nick of time and she was an angel to us and our sweet little boy.  In the end, she offered aftercare for Boby’s body, a memorial candle with support group links, and even an Animal Chaplain and Pet Bereavement Counselor.  I had no idea such support even existed.  There’s no need to go through palliative care and the end of life process for a pet on one’s own when there is such beautiful care and comfort services available.  I am forever humbled and grateful to Dr. Krier and Creature Comforts. It is my honor to help spread the word that Creature Comforts an in-home hospice and end of life care service exists and is worth its weight in love.

    Angela A.
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