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    Since 1997, we've provided the best quality in-home veterinary wellness care and compassionate end of life care.

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    We focus on pets needs and how to allow them to live life to its fullest until the day they pass on their own or we intervene. Our end of life care services include: palliative care consultations, compassionate & private in-home euthanasia, and pet cremation arrangements.

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How will I know when it’s time?

How do I know if I am keeping him/her alive for selfish reasons?

Is he/she suffering?

When a beloved pet is diagnosed with a chronic debilitating condition or a terminal disease these are the questions that plague our thoughts as we try to make the appropriate decisions for our furry family members.

Our goal at Creature Comforts is to walk pet owners through the heart wrenching decision-making process of how to best care for their pets until the end. The conversation begins with the first phone call, a pet owner reaching out for guidance, a second opinion or validation of a decision already made. Dr Dale and her husband Richard lend an open ear, a perspective on quality of life, pain and suffering and a clear view of the remaining options available.

When euthanasia is the chosen path we provide a peaceful, dignified and private passing respectful of all the needs of the family. Pet owners are demanding a more dignified approach to their pets’ final experience and many choose to take an active role in this process. We are honored to be there for you and hold your hand through this process.