Pet Communicator- Crossing the Rainbow Bridge


I encounter people from all walks of life. While attending an event at my yoga studio in Torrington I sat next to a pleasant woman who told me she was a retired police officer and a spiritual medium. I inquired if she was a pet communicator and she said she had never had the experience. We parted ways after exchanging phone numbers and email information. One month later she contacted me with a personal story of what happened to her family. I was so moved by her story that I have chosen to share it with you with her permission.

“I feel guided to share this experience with you. I was away on travels when I received a phone call from my 19 year old son that our Shitzu dog named Preston was missing. He had let him go outside to the bathroom and he did not return. Long story short, the next call I received was my son crying that he had found him in our neighbors yard dead. Preston had wandered onto my neighbors property and her 4 dogs killed him.

While I was on the phone with my son all I could hear was the neighbors screaming cries and my son attempting to figure out what to do. I stayed on the phone to help him through this and my husband made phone calls to friends who rushed over to assist my son. Preston was taken to The Torrington Animal Hospital where he was pronounced dead. He had lost too much blood. I was devastated that my 19 year old son had to witness his best friend of 11 years dead lying in a pool of blood.

I arrived home late that evening from my travels and when I entered our home I could immediately feel Preston’s spirit still in our home. His passing was so quick that initially he did not realize he was no longer in physical form. The following day I could still feel him around me and he began to share that his passing was no ones fault. He stated he was going to be sick if he had stayed and he stated that he was used to being a healer to others and did not want people taking care of him. He stated that staying and going through an illness would have been much harder on my son.

As I was communicating with him I thought, I can’t believe I am actually communicating with a spirit animal. It was no different than when I would communicate with that of a human spirit. I would say the only difference was the energy was extremely loving and happy. Often times humans cross with so much anger held inside that this imprint is still felt even after their passing. Preston lived a very happy life. He loved everyone who entered our home and he was eager to give lots of love and hugs. This is still what was felt when he was now pure energy.

My guides asked me if I was strong enough to do a releasing and gratitude prayer for Preston at the crematory.They explained that this would assist opening a portal for Preston to walk through and would also free the deep pain my son was holding onto. I quickly accepted the task and thought what a tremendous gift and act of love I could give Preston and my son. So I made the phone call to the crematory and requested a visit with Preston before they cremated him. They thought I was crazy. The man on the phone stated, “ma am, you do know that the animal has been frozen and is in a body bag, right?” I replied, that is okay. He does not need to be taken out of the body bag and I would only need but 5 minutes with him. Okay he said as if he could not understand why I was doing this.

At 1:30 my son and I arrive at the crematory in Mansfield. My son was quiet the entire 45 minute ride. I could feel the heavy pain in his heart. They brought out Preston to us on a rolling cart and he was in a dark green colored body bag. I quickly placed crystals around his body and lit tea candles around his body. I placed sage leaves on top of his body and I lit sage and began to smudge him with it. I said a silent prayer thanking him for being such a healing light in our lives and for the 11 years of earth time we shared together. I used my energy and that of the crystals around his body and a beam of bright light shot straight up and was now illuminating his way. As this portal was now open I invited my son who was standing behind me to come forward. I asked him to hold the sage and smudge over Preston. I then asked him to lift his hand and thank Preston for his love and show him his way home. While my son was doing this a message came through for him and I shared it with my son as he stood to my left.

Don’t blame yourself for what happened, it was no ones fault and it was just my time to go. The last bark you heard of me was me saying goodbye and it was not for you to come get me. I am only a thought away if you feel you need to speak to me. Another pet will come into your life and that will be me making my way back in physical form. He then happily made his way through the portal. They then took his body away and closed the door. We then sat in the waiting area for his body to go through the cremation process. I could see a shift in my son’s energy. The heaviness that was there had lifted and he was filled with such joy. He was so happy that he was able to gift Preston with this one last act of his pure love. He was so happy that he was able to participate in showing Preston his way home. I was so honored that I was guided to be the medium between these two amazing souls. Words cannot describe the overwhelming feeling of love that consumed me. In that moment I thanked my guides for standing to my right and one to my left, giving me the strength to put my own emotional body to the side and serve. This act of clearing, healing and love will be imprinted in my sons heart forever. Instead of the tragedy of how he passed being stronger, this act of pure love will override all. What an amazing blessing!” Paw prints in heaven,                                                                                                                                  Debbie Gutierrez

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  • Denise Farka

    For Debbie and her son, I am so sorry for your loss but am very happy you were able to do that for your dog. While growing up, I started recognizing my gifts. First I started seeing people who passed on and then pets. I have had many pets rub up against my leg while at the kitchen sink. To only look down and see nothing there. But I knew who they were.

    There was a teacher in the high school here who was talking about the Civil war and people dying in combat. One student asked about all the horses and dogs who also were killed. The teacher said that they were just animals and that they didn’t have souls. My mouth dropped open. I was only there to take notes for a student who was autistic. I raised my hand and stated that I disagreed, but I couldn’t explain how I knew. I probably would have been kicked out of the school..
    Animals have compassion. Our Ozzy, a 5 yr old black lab that Dale had the honor of meeting and helping him to his final rest, was the most compassionate soul. All of our lives changed because of this little black lab pup that my son brought home. God, we loved him so.
    Years ago, we had a cat, 11 months old, who was hit by a car. $1000 later in vet bills, legs in casts, tail that dragged and having to squeeze the urine out of his body, he finally died. His name was Kimba and he slept on my chest every night while watching tv. At the same time we had another cat, Biscuit who never liked being held, but would lay near you. When Biscuit saw that Kimba was gone, he sensed my sadness. That very night, he jumped up and laid on my chest just as Kimba had. I know there was a message between Kimba and Biscuit.. Kimba in spirit form and Biscuit in real life.. Laid on my chest for the next three nights. When they saw my tears stop falling they both moved on. Kimba in heaven and Biscuit back to his normal seat on the rocker.

    I am sorry for people who don’t believe in such things. If only they too could see and feel what we do. Xox Dr. Dale, you are a blessing in so any lives! Xo

    • Dr. Dale Krier

      Denise, You have been a source of information and guidance for me. So glad you came into my life.

  • Sally Barbieri

    Thank you for sharing your touching stories. I have used a pet communicator for many years. As a clincal social worker, it is not something we were taught about in grad school in our bereavement classes. It is not that talk therapy does not work or can’t assist with the bereavement process, it can and does. However, sometimes there are so many unanswered questions and such regret or guilt that no amount of talking about it can ease the nagging pain. I found myself in that position about ten years ago. When a friend suggested an animal communicator I was so skeptical but just one session did so very much to help me to release alot of the guilt and pain. As I have two pets now with very serious illnesses I am hoping for the best but mentally preparing for them to pass, also. I have relied on my communicator to guide me through this. When dealing with issues of loss or anticipatory grief, it is so personal. There is no right way or wrong way to grieve but I have learned that being open to new things is often so helpful in this process. I was referred to Dr. Dale but my cat’s holistic vet. I know at some point my cat will need palliative care for her mammary cancer. It gives me great comfort to know that I have a team of vets, holistic healers and an animal communicator to help my cat and I with our journey.

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