Celebrating Your Pet’s Life

Destination Euthanasia

I have coined the phrase “destination euthanasia” to describe a carefully orchestrated final goodbye. Pet owners want their beloved pet’s last experience to be fear free, peaceful, and joyful. Creative owners have requested sentimental and carefully planned transitions.

  • We can meet at a special location (beach, lake, park, back of a pickup truck, friend’s home)
  • We can invite family, friends, neighbors, and pets to share in goodbye.
  • We can time the crossing with the setting sun.
  • We can plan for a special home cooked meal or all sorts of naughty foods (ice cream, cookies, chocolate, and pizza to name a few).
  • We can have candles lit and music playing.

Please note these plans may be altered due to a pet’s changing condition, weather, traffic, etc. 

I will do my best to accommodate your requests. Additional fees apply. Please ask for a a quote.

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