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Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

At Home or Phone Consultation – Dr. Dale will walk you through the decision making process. This is your time to discuss family and patient needs, special requests, and address any concerns. When euthanasia is decided upon I will prepare you for what to expect procedurally.

Location – The euthanasia procedure can take place inside or outside your home or another desired location. This is preferably a place where your pet will be most at ease.

Sedation – No animal should experience undue anxiety during their final moments. Dr. Dale will give a sedative injection to relax your pet prior to the euthanasia process. Within moments your pet will drift off into a deep sleep. After the sedative is given you can hold or snuggle with your pet.

Euthanasia – Once the sedative has taken hold Dr. Dale will proceed with the euthanasia. She will administer an intravenous overdose of an anesthetic that will transition your pet to a peaceful, unconscious state from which they will not awaken. The onset is quite rapid. The doctor will listen to your pet’s heart to let you know when it has stopped. Your friend will pass painlessly and peacefully.

Aftercare Options – Some pet owners choose to bury their pets on their property. Be familiar with zoning ordinances in your town.

Dr. Dale and Richard can help you with your pet’s aftercare. We can care for your pet’s body and make arrangements with Pet Passages for a communal, semi-private or truly private cremation.

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