Pet Quality Of Life Scale

When is it time? Dr. Krier uses a number of signals to determine the quality of your pet’s life. Here is a guide from Lap of Love that can help you decide if it is time to contact us.

Directions: Use the key factors of quality of life below to help assess your pet’s condition. Use the Daily Diary to keep track of your pet’s progress. Fill in the appropriate number for each category and then add the numbers from each category for that day. The maximum score is 12 and you can determine your own scale. You can even add categories that pertain to your pet’s particular situation. For example, ‘Respiratory Rate’ if your pet suffers from heart failure or lung cancer. You can give half or quarter points if appropriate.


2 Good Mobility – No difficulty getting around, enjoys walks and going outside

1 Poor Mobility – Difficulty getting up, hard to get in position to eliminate, short walks only

0 Bare Minimum Mobility – Needs assistance, pain medication/anti-inflammatory medications do not help


2 Good Appetite

1 Poor Appetite – Hand feeding, needs enticing

0 No Appetite


2 Adequate Intake

1 Poor Intake – or increase in some patients with particular diseases

0 Requires Clysis (subcutaneous fluids)


2 Interacts normally with family and other pets

1 Some interaction with family and other pets

0 Hides in closet or under the bed


2 Normal urination and/or defecation

1 Reduced/Irregular urination and/or defecation



2 Normal favorite activities, hobbies, etc.

1 Decrease in doing their favorite things

0 No Interest in their favorite things


12 – 9 Everything is okay

8 – 6 Requires intervention

5 or less Consider humane tranquilization and euthanasia 

Daily Diary

Date Mobility Nutrition Hydration Interaction/Attitude Elimination Favorite Things Total & Daily Notes
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