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The Final Ride – Pet Euthanasia

Pet owners voice the same concerns. The emotional turmoil they feel over the thought of having to transport their pet to the veterinary hospital for “the final car ride – the pet euthanasia visit”. Pet owners are frozen in their decision making over the timing of a euthanasia. The thought brings tears to their eyes […]

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Pet Memorial – Stella Bella

Stella Bella was peacefully awaiting my arrival in the comfort of her bed in the family living area. Her typical stranger phobia reaction was absent. She had given all she had to give and now it was my turn to give her peace. Stella Bella crossed the Rainbow Bridge with grace and dignity. Her presence […]

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Helping children cope with the death of a pet

Mary lived a wonderful life. She was Stephanie’s shadow. Mary was never left alone. She went to work with Stephanie everyday and was loved by all that knew her. She was always a happy dog with a smile on her face. Then the grand mal seizure happened. Decisions needed to be made and for a […]

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Abby Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

It’s been two weeks since we had to say good bye to our Abby girl. I struggle with the emotions of my own family’s loss coupled with the need to forge on and help families other than my own go through the same process. Abby fought a strong battle against her cancer. She was always […]

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#End of Life Care, #Pet Hospice Care

“You can’t know how I feel until you walk in my shoes.” Cancer!!! Not my dog! I’m a veterinarian. My pets can’t get sick. So began the saga of our beloved Abby. It started back in August with a skin growth that Abby was bothering at, constantly licking. The growth was removed in October at […]

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#End of Life Care, #Euthanasia Care for Pets in Home, #House Call Pet Euthanasia, #Dog Euthanasia

Creature Comforts Mobile Veterinary Clinic is now offering animal hospice and palliative care services for pets with life limiting or incurable diseases and their families. Animal Hospice and palliative care provide comfort to companion animals as they approach the end of life. Services may include hospice treatment, pain/anxiety management, holistic healing (referrals) and in-home euthanasia. […]

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